Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Remember that one time... I had a blog.... And I didn't post on it for about one thousand years? Yeah. I remember. This morning I realized that I hadn't done so in so long! I am REALLY sorry for any of you that happen to be following my blog (that isn't my mother). I am in a new area now! It has been a really rough transition, but I am learning to love it here. We have been given the challenge to open this new area as a Spanish area. It was once English, and let me tell you, we aren't finding any Spanish speakers out here. It has most definitely been a challenge. But we know that the Lord has called us here for a reason. But can I just rant, for one eensy weensie second? Yes? THANKS. One of the hardest parts of being here so far has been the tracting. We are trying SO hard to find Spanish speaking investigators. But with that, we have to knock on a lot of doors. I have never had my heart crushed as many times in a row as I have in one hour tracting as a missionary. It is extremely hard to stay strong when people are out-right rude and when you have doors slammed in your face. But hey... I guess it comes with the territory? So the next time the missionaries come to your door, be nice, okay? At least let them down gently if you're not interested. (:
Another thing that I have always had a strong testimony about but that has grown even more, is prayer. I KNOW  that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and answers them too. I know that He has given us the blessing of prayer because HE LOVES US more than we could ever imagine. He doesn't just want us to pray when we're having a hard time, but whenever we can! He is our literal father and He wants to hear from us. SO PRAY! I pray about a billion times a day. He's got a pretty big inbox, so give it a try!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feliz Thursday to all!

So on Monday, we (my companion and I and two other hermanas) collectively decided to go to the city. So we did! We went to the Willis (Sears) tower and went to the VERY top and got to experience the Sky Deck. The tower has glass boxes that jut out of the sides. When you stand in them, you literally feel like you're floating in mid air. I almost threw up the first time, but after that I felt like a complete boss. (: But one thing that I kept thinking about while we did this and looked at the city from such great heights, was the fact that we have this beautiful world because of our Father in Heaven. He made this earth for us because he loves us. All of the beauty that can be found in this world is from Him. What an amazing gift!

Friday, February 21, 2014


The weather out here has been ca-razy. To say the least. Today it is sunny.... but the wind is blowing so hard that I almost got thrown into the side of the library building. You kind of have to walk sideways against it.

 The work is still moving on out here! We have a busy day scheduled today. I love busy days. (: Sometimes I think about it, and I never thought that I would ever love the people I taught as much as I do. Being a missionary has been such a blessing in my life! I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a part of these peoples' lives! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Well my companion and I both just got over having gross colds. That's nice. I just want the weather to be nice so I don't have that problem anymore! And my pale skin is dying for some warm sun. Seriously. The Hispanics are amazed at how pale I am. They've never seen anything like it.

Yesterday marked one year that my companion has been on her mission. So naturally we celebrated. With burgers. SO. GOOD. I'm still trying to walk it off....

Have an amazing week!

Rocking the high socks, pale legs, and boots. (:

Friday, February 14, 2014

(But Especially to my mother.... It just so happens to be her birthday)

Hullo there! So on this 'day of love', or how us Hispanics like to say it 'dia de amor', I would like to remind everyone that even though you may be single (like me), someone loves you more than you could ever imagine; our Heavenly Father of course! I'm so grateful for the love I feel from Him every day of my life! He loves each and every one of his children and nothing could ever change that. Oh... and I love you too. (:

Also, as I mentioned before.... It's my mother's birthday. So:


I seriously have the best mom ever. I would know. She's the for sure. I hope that everyone has an amazing Valentines Day/Friday! (:

Told you... Coolest mom ever.

I love my Savior and I know that He loves me too! As well as all of his other brothers and sisters!

Have a fantastic day! (:


Friday, February 7, 2014

Hola and feliz Friday! (:

So yesterday we had this awesome 'Women's Conference' for all of the sisters and hermanas in the mission. It was seriously SO great. We talked about how to use the atonement through prayer, scripture study, and missionary work. We also got to learn a little about more effective ways to work out in the mornings. A sister was in charge of showing us some short and easy work outs that actually do something (considering we only have half an hour to do so). Preventing getting fat in the Spanish program is impossible. It's inevitable to gain weight. I'm pretty sure imma look like an elephant by the time I get home. But I was like, 'hey. it's worth a try." So we did some oft the little workouts with her.... I could barely get out of bed this morning. In all seriousness, my arms feel like they are going to fall off. I am SO out of shape. It's all of the tortillas! (but they are SO good). And then we learned some self-defense moves. It was rediculously fun getting to practice them on our companions. For sure. But the highlight of yesterday was getting to see my girl, Hermana Hammond. She is seriously the best. We definitely need to be companions some time soon or imma go crazy. She's in a new area now that's so far away! So I don't get to see her every Wednesday at district and zone meetings like we used to. But that's the life of a missionary! Oh. And we got Buffalo Wild Wings on the way back from the conference yesterday... that was pretty cool too. (:

(Hermana Hatch (my MTC companion), Hermana Hammond, and me!) 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well, Hello there everyone!

I would just like to take the time right now to apologize for not posting on my blog for about two weeks. In my defense, I felt like I was dying for a week and half of them! I ended up getting REALLY sick with the flu, and it wasn't giving up. Last Monday I ended up in the hospital after I had thrown up a billion times, with dehydration. But after I got to sleep it off for a few days and finally get better, I'm out being my old missionary self again! (:

Monday was great because I got to buy groceries. After I had barely eaten a thing for a week straight, it was good to be able to get real food to eat. I also got to email my family. That's always the best. (: That night my companion and I learned how to make Papusas!! They are SO dang good. I'm pretty sure they originate from El Salvador.

Yesterday was Tuesday... yeah. Well, I got an AMAZING new kind of doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts.... I thought I was going to die it was so delicious. It's the new cookie dough ones. TRY IT. But on the low side, we definitely got dropped by a family we have been teaching the whole time we've been in this area. They've been taught for a really long time, and they decided to drop us. It was extremely hard. I don't know how I would describe how I felt, other than that my heart actually hurt. I experienced it for the first time as a missionary, and I for sure do not EVER want to experience it again. Later that day we visited with our recent convert who was baptized on the 25th of January! He and his little family are seriously so amazing. I love  them so much! I got a picture of the Chicago temple and framed it for them when we taught him about temple work. He can't wait to go! His wife is a member, so their family can be sealed in year! Yesterday when we went, I saw that they had hung up the picture on their wall! My heart was healed! The Lord blesses us with tender mercies. (:

(This guy was baptized!)

(picture on their wall (: )

This morning during our companionship study, we were sitting on our couches, and all of a sudden, my companion said; "Wow. You really do look JUST like your mom." Gah. My heart. Yes. Yes I do. And I miss that lady a whole lot. She's the best, and let me tell you... I seriously suffered not having my mommy there to take care of me when I was sick!
Cause moms are awesome.

And just a little shout-out to my little brother Levi (not really my little brother. almost). He's serving in Brazil and is such a stud. I miss that kid and I hope that he's doing great! 

Happy Wednesday! (:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Felizidades! It's Monday!

 So long story short, today was p-day. P as in 'pretty' much the best day ever. Anyway, we went to this little place called "little village". It was way cute. I got my family some good stuff for sure. (: I love getting to speak Spanish in other places other than in a lesson. It's hilarious to watch their faces when they recognize that you're actually speaking Spanish to them. Bah. It's good. Just a little update. Oh. And I got some milk. I've been out. I love cereal, and that's a big problem when you don't have milk. The pug in the picture is something that my little friend Travis from back home sent me for Christmas. His collar says 'Odie' which is the name of my pug back home. It's seriously the cutest thing. But I decided to take pictures of the dog doing various things so that I could make a little book and send it back to him. This is one of my personal favorites. 'Hipster Odie'.

Have a great week!