Monday, January 20, 2014

Felizidades! It's Monday!

 So long story short, today was p-day. P as in 'pretty' much the best day ever. Anyway, we went to this little place called "little village". It was way cute. I got my family some good stuff for sure. (: I love getting to speak Spanish in other places other than in a lesson. It's hilarious to watch their faces when they recognize that you're actually speaking Spanish to them. Bah. It's good. Just a little update. Oh. And I got some milk. I've been out. I love cereal, and that's a big problem when you don't have milk. The pug in the picture is something that my little friend Travis from back home sent me for Christmas. His collar says 'Odie' which is the name of my pug back home. It's seriously the cutest thing. But I decided to take pictures of the dog doing various things so that I could make a little book and send it back to him. This is one of my personal favorites. 'Hipster Odie'.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Today marks my fourth month out in the mission field! It doesn't seem like a very long time, but it has been. Especially being away from family! But it has been great and I wouldn't take back these four months for anything! Here's to 14 more months!

That's what face I make whenever I think about how long eighteen months is. But I'm planning on them being the best eighteen months I've ever had! HOORAH!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello everyone! I feel REAL bad. My mom reminded me (again) that I have been slacking on updating my blog. Which I have. She's right. She's always right. :) But I figured today that I would share something that I have grown to love! And it has everything to do with... THE SCRIPTURES! I love the scriptures. A LOT. But something that I have been doing recently is something that I've never thought to do before. Right before Christmas, my mission president challenged the entire mission to read the Book of Mormon before April General Conference. And me being me, I'm all like, "Challenge accepted!". But then he made it a little interesting! He invited us to, while we're reading, mark every time it mentions Jesus Christ and every time it mentions the Atonement. (The Atonement is the name we use for when Christ suffered and died for each one of us so that we could repent and return to our Father in Heaven). I have been doing it every day since! And let me just tell you... It has been an amazing experience. I never realized how many times the Book of Mormon references Christ and the Atonement! I decided to do something a little more for myself; I am writing down every name that Christ is given. There's a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A TON. But that's so cool, right?! I'm almost done with Mosiah now and I am so pumped to get into Alma. If you haven't heard of the Book of Mormon, or you have and just haven't read it, FIND ONE, and READ IT! I can promise you that this book is true and that it will bless your life more than you could ever imagine. But I challenge all of you to do this with me! Will you do it?!


All of the names of Christ used in the Book of Mormon (so far)

I use the color blue to mark His names and the color green to mark when it references the Atonement 

Love it. Don't know where it's from, but Sis. Butterfield sent it to me in an email. Thanks! (:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I am extremely sorry for being such a bum and not updating this blog as often as I could/should. But to tide you guys over until Monday (when I can take the time to put some good stuff up) here are some pictures of me with various people and doing various things. (:
Happy Saturday!

We're all pretty unique...

Ma favorite baby. He obviously love me too. He always wants me to hold him... but I can't. :(

Pretty much my favorite little sailor ever. She kicked butt in boot camp.
(Excuse my crazy face and fat body). (:

Grumpy cat face. And me rockin the fat missionary double chin.

My eyes are closed. But I'm happy. That's a mini version of our Plan of Salvation board game. These kids we teach pretty much MADE me make one for them. I told them that I would make one for them if they got baptized.... They didn't think that was very funny... So I just did it. (:

That's exactly how I felt. SO. MUCH. RICE. Oh. That's Edgar creepin in the background. He's getting baptized in two weeks. (: