Friday, February 7, 2014

Hola and feliz Friday! (:

So yesterday we had this awesome 'Women's Conference' for all of the sisters and hermanas in the mission. It was seriously SO great. We talked about how to use the atonement through prayer, scripture study, and missionary work. We also got to learn a little about more effective ways to work out in the mornings. A sister was in charge of showing us some short and easy work outs that actually do something (considering we only have half an hour to do so). Preventing getting fat in the Spanish program is impossible. It's inevitable to gain weight. I'm pretty sure imma look like an elephant by the time I get home. But I was like, 'hey. it's worth a try." So we did some oft the little workouts with her.... I could barely get out of bed this morning. In all seriousness, my arms feel like they are going to fall off. I am SO out of shape. It's all of the tortillas! (but they are SO good). And then we learned some self-defense moves. It was rediculously fun getting to practice them on our companions. For sure. But the highlight of yesterday was getting to see my girl, Hermana Hammond. She is seriously the best. We definitely need to be companions some time soon or imma go crazy. She's in a new area now that's so far away! So I don't get to see her every Wednesday at district and zone meetings like we used to. But that's the life of a missionary! Oh. And we got Buffalo Wild Wings on the way back from the conference yesterday... that was pretty cool too. (:

(Hermana Hatch (my MTC companion), Hermana Hammond, and me!) 

Have a great weekend!

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