Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Remember that one time... I had a blog.... And I didn't post on it for about one thousand years? Yeah. I remember. This morning I realized that I hadn't done so in so long! I am REALLY sorry for any of you that happen to be following my blog (that isn't my mother). I am in a new area now! It has been a really rough transition, but I am learning to love it here. We have been given the challenge to open this new area as a Spanish area. It was once English, and let me tell you, we aren't finding any Spanish speakers out here. It has most definitely been a challenge. But we know that the Lord has called us here for a reason. But can I just rant, for one eensy weensie second? Yes? THANKS. One of the hardest parts of being here so far has been the tracting. We are trying SO hard to find Spanish speaking investigators. But with that, we have to knock on a lot of doors. I have never had my heart crushed as many times in a row as I have in one hour tracting as a missionary. It is extremely hard to stay strong when people are out-right rude and when you have doors slammed in your face. But hey... I guess it comes with the territory? So the next time the missionaries come to your door, be nice, okay? At least let them down gently if you're not interested. (:
Another thing that I have always had a strong testimony about but that has grown even more, is prayer. I KNOW  that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and answers them too. I know that He has given us the blessing of prayer because HE LOVES US more than we could ever imagine. He doesn't just want us to pray when we're having a hard time, but whenever we can! He is our literal father and He wants to hear from us. SO PRAY! I pray about a billion times a day. He's got a pretty big inbox, so give it a try!